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EURAXESS UK is a British Council managed portal which aids researchers in their career development, supporting mobility and acting as a support mechanism for researchers moving abroad or moving to the UK. In addition to providing useful information and resources, the EURAXESS portal features a free funding database and job search tool.

Collaborating internationally or spending time on a research visit abroad can be very beneficial to a researcher's career. It can give researchers access to expertise, facilities and research environments that will significantly broaden their experience and networks. To help mobile researchers, we maintain a network of Euraxess contacts across universities in the UK to support researchers who are entering or leaving the country.


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EURAXESS UK is funded by the UK Government under the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.

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Are you a UK Researcher wishing to work abroad? The Euraxess Job Funding Search can assist with finding the right research role for you. Search EURAXESS Jobs for current vacancies in Europe and use our funding database for opportunities worldwide.

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Are you an international researcher wishing to work in the UK? Learn about the funding opportunities across the UK to find the opportunity that suits your needs best.

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Will you need to apply for a visa? Read about the different types of visas to apply for to ensure your application has the greatest chance of approval.

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Need advice or information? Our network of Euraxess contacts will be able to advise you directly or give you guidance on how to find additional information.

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