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United Kingdom

Essential information


Daily Life teaser

Find out about living in the UK

Learn what to expect from daily life in the UK and explore the useful links and information in these pages.

You will also need to know how to get around the UK using public transport or alternatively learn about the rules and regulations of driving in the UK.

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Accommodation teaser


Finding somewhere you want to live is incredibly important.

Knowing about the different types of accommodation provided and the costs of living in specific areas will help you to make this decision.

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Personal finance

Managing your money

Having reliable access to funds will help make your move to the UK easier.

Learn about the fastest way to gain access to your income and also about the costs associated with transferring money internationally.

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Family teaser

Family life

Learn about the latest rights and welfare benefits available to you and your family to make the transition to the UK easier.

Various factors such as pregnancy, education and childcare can affect your decision to move here. Read on for the latest information.

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Entry Conditions

Entry to the UK

Applying for visas and entry to the UK can be a stressful process, so it is important to ensure you have done sufficient research in order for your application to be successful.

Learn about the application process and how to best ensure you gain entry to the UK.

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Healtchare teaser

Getting access to medical care

Medical care in the UK is free under the National Health Service, however this service is only available to individuals depending on their citizenship and right to social benefits.

Find out if you and your family will have access to free healthcare and alternative providers of medical care.

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Research teaser

Discover research in the UK

The UK currently takes part in world leading research as part of government and industry driven initiatives.

By moving to the UK you will have the opportunity to take part in exciting research in various disciplines and gain further knowledge from our many research archives and resources.

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Pensions teaser

Plan for your future

If you aim to spend a long time in the UK, it is advisable to plan for the future by contributing to social security and a state pension.

Learn how your state contributions are used to help pay for benefits such as childcare vouchers and state pensions. You can also find out about the RESAVER pension in this section.

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Posting qualifications

Start preparing

Employers and educators will need to check your qualifications and accreditations to ensure they meet the standards needed for work and study in the UK.

Find out why you should get your qualifications officially recognised.

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Taxation teaser

How much should I pay?

While you are working in the UK, you are likely to pay tax to HMRC.

Find out how to avoid double taxation on income supplied from your home country and the different taxes in the UK that can affect your daily life.

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IPR teaser

Copyrighting your work

If you perform research which could lead to a patentable or exploitable invention or discovery, you need to know about Intellectual Property Rights in the UK.

Learn how to protect your work through copyright and patents.

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Scientist using microscope

Gain new knowledge and skills

Nearly all institutions and companies in the UK invest in training and developing new skills in their researchers and employees.

There are many different routes to career development including mentorship, networking schemes and certified training courses.

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Who to notify?

Who to tell I am leaving the UK

If you intend to leave the UK it is highly advised that you inform the relevant authorities and government departments of your departure.

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Flight teaser

Find opportunities around the world

Learn about different opportunities available to complete funding in different parts of the world.

You can use Euraxess to help find jobs and funding opportunities in a new destination.

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