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December 2021 Euraxess newsletter

In the last newsletter of the year, we feature interviews with doctoral researchers Alex Cloherty and Jordi Valls-Conesa who tell us what lab life is like for them. 

November 2021 Euraxess newsletter

We look at science engagement initiatives Science is Wonderful! and the global science communication competition FameLab International, as well as a selection of the latest jobs and funding opportunities from the research sector.

October 2021 Euraxess newsletter 

This month we bring a round-up of some of the latest jobs and funding opportunities as well as highlight activities linked to COP26.

September 2021 Euraxess newsletter

We shine a spotlight on funding opportunities available through the Horizon Europe programme, the Wellcome Trust and the British Council. We also introduce you to  MSCA postdoctoral fellow, Peggy Assinck from Canada. 

August 2021 Euraxess newsletter 

This month's content includes an interview with MSCA Postdoctoral Fellow and links to resources including an applicant guide to Horizon Europe funding.

July 2021 Euraxess newsletter 

Read how a UK-Pakistan research team is engaging in fruitful international collaboration via MS Teams, as well as an interview with a conservation communicator who offers her tips for impactful campaigns.

June 2021 Euraxess newsletter 

This month's newsletter features news of an initiative to support Scottish and European research projects, plus details of a new climate science-themed competitition and training event by the British Council.

We also feature a new UKRO factsheet on potential visa options for researchers coming to the UK 

May 2021 Euraxess newsletter

In this edition, we look at a recent study into women in science in Egypt, and how business owners can use Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions to boost growth.

April 2021 Euraxess newsletter

This month, read about Vivian Petersen Wagner, a Research Fellow and recipient of the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA) Fellowship at the University of Sheffield's School of Dentistry. Discover what advice Vivian has for anyone thinking about applying for an MSCA or other fellowship.

March 2021 Euraxess newsletter

In our March edition, read about Dr Leila Moura, a Research Fellow at Queen's University Belfast, and discover the advice she has for early career researchers.

February 2021 Euraxess newsletter

In this newsletter, we share five top tips for submitting an excellent grant proposal and highlight some upcoming application deadlines.

January 2021 Euraxess newsletter

To see in the new year, we explain how employers can post job vacancies on the EURAXESS portal, and highlight an opportunity for emerging research leaders to form a Climate Change Cohort in the run-up to COP26 in November 2021.


December 2020 Euraxess newsletter

This month we asked all our subscribers to complete a survey to identify key training needs of researchers. We also announced the winner of FameLab International 2020 - Sauradeep Majumdar - and shared his winning talk.

November 2020 Euraxess newsletter

In November we celebrated World Science Day and highlighted a number of opportunities through the Marie Skłodowska-Curie (MSC) Innovative Training Networks.

October 2020 Euraxess newsletter

How does adaptive technology affect our lives? We find out in this month's newsletter, where we also explore how Egyptian researchers are battling liver cancer through support from the Newton-Mosharafa Fund.

September 2020 Euraxess newsletter

Learn about upcoming Newton Fund opportunities with Egypt and India, the new format for FameLab 2020, and research from a FameLab Brazil participant working to treat Covid-19.

August 2020 Euraxess newsletter

In our latest newsletter, learn about more Newton Fund opportunities with Malaysia and Egypt, and how a computer scientist used his knowledge in the study of meerkats in the Kalahari desert.

July 2020 Euraxess newsletter

Find out about the Newton-Bhabha Fund for UK and Indian researchers and changes to the UK's Tier 4 visa in our July edition.

June 2020 Euraxess newsletter

In this month's newsletter, hear about the remaining Newton Fund deadlines, including the Newton-Bhabha Fund aimed at Indian and UK researchers.

May 2020 Euraxess newsletter

Here you will find out about the 2020 Newton Fund grant opportunitie and a researcher workshop in Russia.

April 2020 Euraxess newsletter

In our April newsletter we tell you about all the upcoming Newton Fund grant opportunities and we take a look back at research which helped protect poultry against influenza.

March 2020 Euraxess newsletter

The latest bulletin gives you an update on the current COVID-19 crisis. We also meet some of the women in STEM traineeships in the IAESTE programme for International Women's Day, and we tell you about upcoming Newton Fund opportunities.

February 2020 Euraxess newsletter

This month we celebrate #WomenInScienceDay by featuring articles about women in the world of STEM.

January 2020 Euraxess newsletter

In our first edition of 2020 we welcome in the new year with the 2019 Newton Prize winners, an opportunity to participate at a global health workshop and we hear about the sustainable uses of algae.


December 2019 Euraxess newsletter

In our last bulletin of 2019 we look at the #ideaschangelives competition, FameLab 2020 and an article about where art and science meet.

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