New statement from the Royal Society, Académie des Sciences and the Leopoldina has been published

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International collaboration is highly beneficial to a researcher's work and career.

Following the outcome of the UK referendum on EU membership, the wider impact that this will have on the science community and international collaboration remains to be determined. However, the importance of scientific cooperation between the UK and other European countries is widely acknowledged and in support of this the Royal Society, together with the Académie des Sciences and the Leopoldina, have published a joint statement which confirms their recognition of the importance of continuing to work together.

The Foreign Secretary of the Royal Society, Professor Richard Catlow stated:

Science is a global endeavour and is built on collaboration, mobility and the exchange of ideas. At a time when the UK’s future relationship with the European Union is uncertain, the  Royal Society, Leopoldina and Académie des Sciences have come together to reaffirm the importance of the unity of scientific research in Europe, and the willingness for scientists in the UK, France and Germany and across Europe to continue to collaborate in future.

Read the full statement over on the Royal Society website.


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