Life as a Nigerian researcher in the UK

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Tags: 2018

Spending time on a research visit in a different country can provide many benefits to a researcher's career. These experiences can open up access to expertise, facilities and research environments that help to broaden networks and gain insight into different ways of working. 

Dr Enitome Bafor won a scholarship for a place at the University of Strathclyde to study a PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences. She moved over from Nigeria with her three children, having left her husband back in her home country due to his work commitments. 

In her first few months of studying, Enitome found it difficult juggling the new workload and looking after her children. Thanks to the support of her supervisor, she was able to catch up with her studies and master the practical techniques of the course - going on to successfully complete her PhD. 

Throughout her time at the University of Strathclyde, Enitome received a number of awards and had part of her research published. 

Of her experience, Enitome says:

"There were successes and victories from this journey that makes me look back with little regret. My PhD journey as a mother was an extremely tough one but worth it in the end."