Invitation to workshop about values employers from the public sector seek when recruiting or hiring researchers and vice versa

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Workshop on common values for job-hunting researchers and recruiting institutions

in the public sector.


In connection with the project EURAXESS Hubs (H2020, SwafS) and the pilot on talent management in the public sector and academia, the British Council is looking for participants to workshops where we will look at common values for the researchers and the recruiting institutions.

This workshop is the first in a series of three workshops to discuss and share experiences from your practice / organisation on different topics regarding the recruitment of researchers towards the public sector.

We invite a researcher currently based in the UK  to attend is a brainstorming workshop based on common values typically the values expected by the researchers versus the values expected by the employers.

The goal of the first workshop will be to discuss a few topics regarding what a researcher expects as a job seeker from a future employer in the public sector and how that expectation can be met by the recruiting institutions. In addition, we will discuss specific topics relevant to recruiting institutions when they recruit researchers and see how researchers can meet those expectations. The outcome will be a list of relevant topics addressed to enhance future career services towards talented researchers wanting to pursue a career in the public sector.

The workshops last for two and a half hours and will be held in English. No preparation is needed to participate in the workshops. The first online workshop will take place Thursday 9 December 12.00 - 14.30 CET

If you are interested in participating, please contact Krassimira Tantcheva krassimira.tantcheva@britishcouncil.bg as soon as possible and no later than 3 December 2021..

The workshop partners are Research Council of Norway, the British Council (Euraxess UK), The Agency for Mobility and EU Programmes (Croatia) and Bay Zoltán Nonprofit Ltd. for Applied Research (Hungary). There will be participants from four countries in the workshop.

For more information about the project EURAXESS Hubs and EURAXESS please see below or use the links provided.


Further Information


The project EURAXESS Hubs will launch three pilot EURAXESS hubs and then share their experience with the EURAXESS network. Pilot hubs will be implemented and validated in three thematic areas:

  • Talent management in academia and the public sector
  • Researcher careers beyond academia
  • Scientific start-up entrepreneurship

During the implementation, the hubs will actively engage with targeted stakeholders; will roll out pilot services that are scaled to the operation of the hub and are based on already available tools and expertise; finally, as a result, will produce digital toolkits, each toolkit showcasing the respective hub’s area of operation and enabling the adoption of the hub-based service model by further ESCs.

This particular task is part of the hub on talent management in academia and the public sector. We are focusing specifically on two aspects:

  • Talent recruitment towards the public sector, and
  • Use of social media to recruit young talents towards research, academia and the public sector.