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Working in Europe | Research Landscape | United Kingdom

The online archives a rich learning experience through viewing a wide array of materials including rare and fragile documents, films, images and sound recordings.

The digitised resources, plus online research tools, are either open access or accessible for free to those who are visiting, working or studying at UK institutions. They represent a part of the extensive collections and archives available in the UK for research.

Science, health and environment

The collections focusing on science, health and environment will offer inspiration, source material and history to help you structure your scientific research when in the UK.

The collections include diaries, memorabilia of scientific explorations and interactive online tools to enhance your learning experience.

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Art, culture and media

The UK Digital Collections and Archives offers access to diverse research collections covering fine arts, literature, music, song, theatre to film, television and radio. The resources range from plays by Chaucer to modern sound clips and periodicals.

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War and politics

These collections explore the effects politics, war and economics on society and culture in the UK and other parts of the world. Archive resources include film, photographs, newspapers, cartoons and caricatures, documents, letters, posters, maps and sound recordings.

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Society and lifestyle

The Society and Lifestyle section of the UK Digital Collections and Archives illustrate the enormous social change experienced across the UK as well as in China and South Asia during the 19th, 20th and 21st Centuries.

You will find a plethora of digital resources including maps, statistics, oral histories as well as video and sound recordings. There are also online tools to enable you to connect with others to share findings and contribute their own relevant information.

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