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Who to notify


Before you leave the UK, it is important to ensure you have informed the relevant authorities of your departure, this includes your employer, local council and any service suppliers. Not informing relevant authorities of your departure could result in costly fees and penalties.

Tax office

When you leave the UK you must tell HM Revenue and Customs who will arrange for you to get any tax refund you are owed and will calculate any tax you still owe on a pro-rata basis. If you want to leave money in a savings account in the UK you may be able to claim tax exemption on the interest.

You need to inform HMRC if you are leaving the UK for at least a full tax year. The tax year in the UK is from 6 April to 5 Aril the following year. You do not need to inform them about temporary absences or shorter business trips.

If you have spend time abroad and are planning on returning to resume living in the UK find out what happens to your taxes on GOV.UK

Social Security Office and Department of Work

If you are claiming social security, you should tell the department that you are leaving the UK and give them your new address abroad.

If you are an EU citizen and have been claiming unemployment benefit in the UK for a month or more you may be able to continue to claim UK benefit while you are looking for work in another EU country.

Learn what will happen to your National Insurance contributions if you move abroad.


If you have been contributing National Insurance payments toward a state or government funded pension, then you should inform them that you are leaving the country.

Find out how to move your pension abroad if you leave the UK.

Health service

You should notify your doctor, dentist etc. that you will be moving abroad.

Unless you will still be covered by UK social security, you must return your EHIC (European Health Insurance Card). If you are moving to another EU country you should get an EHIC card issued from that country.

Local Council

Inform your local council of your moving date and give them a forwarding address.

Utility companies/banks/pension providers etc. Notify these organisations of your new address at least a month before you are due to leave.

School/childcare. Give your children’s school or childcare provider plenty of notice that you will be moving abroad. Some private childcare providers have a notice period and if you tell them after this time you may have to pay extra fees.