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Where else can I go?


There are many international opportunities to explore if you wish to leave the UK and complete research elsewhere in the world.

Opportunities in Europe


Euraxess is an excellent source of information to find out everything you need to know about working as a researcher in Europe. You can also access the national portals of over 30 European states and access important information about settling in and living in your chosen country.

Euraxess opportunities

Scientific visa

If you are not an EU-national you may be eligible for a Scientific Visa, which is being implemented in many European countries. This is designed to ‘fast-track’ the procedure for the admission of researchers, and you can find out more on the EURAXESS national portals.


If you’re interested in studying for your PhD in Europe, visit PromoDoc for help and advice.

Opportunities outside Europe

Euraxess Worldwide

There are plenty of opportunities outside the EU as well, you can find information about opportunities to study and work abroad through the British Council here.

UK Science and Innovation Network (SIN)

If you would like to develop research collaboration with UK partners, you may also like to get in touch with your nearest representatives of UK Science and Innovation Network (SIN).

UK SIN operates in many countries to support the UK government’s strategy on science and innovation through promoting international research collaboration, partnerships and policy development.

Visit UK Science and Innovation Network for more details.