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June 2020 Euraxess newsletter

In this month's newsletter, hear about the remaining Newton Fund deadlines, including the Newton-Bhabha Fund aimed at Indian and UK researchers.

May 2020 Euraxess newsletter

Here you will find out about the 2020 Newton Fund grant opportunitie and a researcher workshop in Russia.

April 2020 Euraxess newsletter

In our April newsletter we tell you about all the upcoming Newton Fund grant opportunities and we take a look back at research which helped protect poultry against influenza.

March 2020 Euraxess newsletter

The latest bulletin gives you an update on the current COVID-19 crisis. We also meet some of the women in STEM traineeships in the IAESTE programme for International Women's Day, and we tell you about upcoming Newton Fund opportunities.

February 2020 Euraxess newsletter

This month we celebrate #WomenInScienceDay by featuring articles about women in the world of STEM.

January 2020 Euraxess newsletter

In our first edition of 2020 we welcome in the new year with the 2019 Newton Prize winners, an opportunity to participate at a global health workshop and we hear about the sustainable uses of algae.


December 2019 Euraxess newsletter

In our last bulletin of 2019 we look at the #ideaschangelives competition, FameLab 2020 and an article about where art and science meet.

November 2019 Euraxess newsletter

This months bulletin has information on the #ideaschangelives competition, how to pitch an idea to an investor and research opportunities in Japan.

October 2019 Euraxess newsletter

The latest bulletin in now out with research opportunities in both Japan and India, as well as the accomplishments of alumni FameLab winner from Egypt.

September 2019 Euraxess newsletter

Find information on the latest Newton Fund opportunities in Indonesia, Mexico and India, as well as the projects that were shortlisted for the Newton Prize 2019.

August 2019 Euraxess newsletter

This edition features a round-up of new and up and coming Newton Fund calls, international workshops and an article from FameLab winner Tim Gordon, sharing the importance of focusing on authenticity to develop effective skills as a science communicator.

July 2019 Euraxess newsletter
Featuring a round-up of the latest opportunities for international researchers, including the launch of the Newton Fund Impact Scheme call, Newton Fund PhD call Philippines, and a Leadership Training Scheme - South Asia. We also feature two articles focusing on the importance of scientists sharing their research with the public.

June 2019 Euraxess newsletter

This month we launch a number of new opportunities aimed at strengthening international research collaborations including Newton Fund grants to develop institutional collaborations and travel grants for early-career researchers.

May 2019 Euraxess newsletter

This month, find out about international research workshops and follow the 2019 FameLab International Final LIVE via FameLab YouTube.

April 2019 Euraxess newsletter

This month, find out about the Alliance Hubert Curien Programme, view the latest international research workshops and watch the video by science communication lecturer Wendy Sadler MBE on how to explain complex ideas to an audience

March 2019 Euraxess newsletter

Find out about international research workshops, submit proposals for Science in Public conference and watch a new video with science communicator Wendy Sadler MBE on what stars are made of.

February 2019 Euraxess newsletter 

Includes the latest upcoming opportunities, inspiring stories of women involved in the Newton Mosharafa Fund, how to contribute to UKRI’s ‘Evidence: Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Challenges and Interventions in Research and Innovation’ and the latest UKRO Brexit factsheet to download.

January 2019 Euraxess newsletter

See the latest upcoming opportunities and read a few tips on how to develop and maintain international collaborators for your research.


December 2018 Euraxess newsletter

Workshops, grants and consultancy opportunities plus 2018 Newton Prize winners and a webinar: 'What’s next for EU & UK science and education?'

November 2018 Euraxess newsletter

Information on the Lloyds Register Foundation for engineering-related research and FameLab.

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