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Full-time position as Head of Data Management at Haukeland University Hospital

A full-time position as Head of Data Management is available at the Neuro-SysMed Center, Haukeland University Hospital, Bergen, Norway. The position is funded by the Norwegian Research Council and has initial funding for 3 years with the possibility for extension.

About Neuro-SysMed

Neuro-SysMed is a world class Center of Excellence for Clinical Treatment Research in Neurology, hosted at Haukeland University Hospital (HUS) and the University of Bergen (UiB). The Center is led by Professor Kjell-Morten Myhr (Center Director and Head for Multiple Sclerosis) and Professor Charalampos Tzoulis (Vice Center Director and Head for Neurodegeneration). Neuro-SysMed carries out groundbreaking clinical and translational research, with the main goal of discovering and testing effective treatments for: Parkinson’s disease (PD), different forms of dementia including Alzheimer’s disease (AD), multiple sclerosis (MS) and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). Attracting and retaining high-calibre people is fundamental to our continued success.

More information about Neuro-SysMed:

www.helse-bergen.no/neuro-sysmed (English website under construction)

Information about the research groups of Neuro-SysMed:

Neuromics lab: https://neuromics.org/

Mitochondrial Medicine & Neurodegeneration: https://www.uib.no/en/rg/mitochondrial_medicine

Multiple Sclerosis Group: https://www.uib.no/en/rg/kgj-ms

Neuroimmunology lab: https://www.facebook.com/nevrologiskforskningslab/posts/1728944047375896:0

About the position

We offer an excellent opportunity for an expert in biological and clinical data management to join the research lab of the Neuro-SysMed Center. You will work alongside a multidisciplinary team of scientists with expertise in clinical, molecular and computational neuroscience at the Neuro-SysMed Center and the Computational Biology Unit (www.cbu.uib.no), which is affiliated with the Center. As Head for Data Management, you will have a key-role in integrating these environments in order to facilitate transdisciplinary research and the downstream application in clinical diagnosis and therapy. You will also be encouraged to develop and drive your own academic research and innovation activities in collaboration with the PIs of Neuro-SysMed and to attract additional external funding. This position will offer substantial opportunities for career development and growth.

You will have the challenging task of coordinating and harmonizing the curation, nomenclature, transfer, storage and integration of a wide spectrum of biological, clinical and epidemiological data from patients and controls participating in research projects at the Neuro-SysMed Center. Relevant types of data requiring curation, harmonization and integration include:

  • Clinical phenotyping including standardized clinical scales (e.g. UPDRS, EDSS)
  • Clinical phenotyping including novel measures (e.g. data from movement sensors, mobile phones, etc)
  • Neuroimaging (e.g. MRI, PET, DAT-scan, ultrasound)
  • Biosample nomenclature and classification (biobank)
  • Neuropathology (e.g. beta-amyloid, tau and alpha-synuclein staging)
  • Targeted molecular characterization of biosamples
  • Genomics (e.g. WGS, SNP-array)
  • DNA methylation (e.g. WGBS, array)
  • Histone modifications (e.g. ChIP-seq)
  • Transcriptomics (e.g. RNA-seq)
  • Proteomics (e.g. MS)
  • Metabolomics (e.g. LC-MS)

Qualifications, skills and qualities


  • We are seeking an expert in data management, holding a minimum of a Master’s degree (or equivalent qualifications) in bioinformatics/informatics, computational science, biological or medical sciences.

Essential Knowledge, Skills and Experience (required):

  • Expertise and documented experience in management of biological and/or clinical data and databases
  • Experience scripting
  • Experience in computational analyses of omics data
  • Fluency in Unix-based environments.
  • Knowledge of basic molecular biology and genomics.
  • Fluency in spoken and written English.

Important Knowledge, Skills and Experience (desired/will be prioritized):

  • Experience in data management planning for scientific and/or clinical study projects.
  • Experience in handling sensitive data, including knowledge of systems to handle sensitive data and legislation that pertains to sensitive data.
  • Research experience, ideally holding a PhD.
  • Training in management of scientific data.
  • Communication/negotiation/coordination skills from working in environments with multiple teams involved.
  • Training and experience in organizing data-handling tools and databases
  • First and/or last authorship in relevant publications.
  • Experience in building and maintaining pipelines for omics data analyses (e.g. genomics, epigenomics, transcriptomics)

Personal qualities – we are looking for a candidate who:

  • Shows determination and the desire for innovation and impact.
  • Shows diligence and attention to detail
  • Is willing to take responsibility for processes and follow them through to completion
  • Has excellent team working skills
  • Is a driving force, shows initiative and has high working- and implementation capacity.
  • Is a motivator and can forward collaboration across research environments.
  • Has good communicative and collaborative abilities.
  • Is flexible and service-minded.
  • Is systematic and analytic.
  • Is able and willing to quickly become familiar with new subjects and areas.
  • Is good at working strategically, structured and targeted within deadlines.
  • Works independently and is good at problem solving.

We offer

  • An excellent, international work environment.
  • Exciting work challenges with good opportunities for personal development and acquiring new skills.
  • Salary as senior scientific personnel, with a gross yearly paycheck between 600 000 NOK (appx. €60 000) and 720 000 NOK (appx. €72 000), depending on qualifications. For exceptional candidates, a higher salary can be considered.
  • Flexible work hours.
  • Membership of KLP, with pension benefits paid for by the employer.
  • Special considerations for employees that get health challenges (IA employer).
  • For international applicants, this is relevant:
    • Health insurance for the employee and family members staying in Norway is included (some restrictions apply).
    • Norwegian public schooling has good quality and is free.
    • Bergen has a 100% kindergarten coverage. The maximum cost, in 2019, is NOK 3040 (appx. €300) for the first child, NOK 2128 (appx. €200) for the second child and NOK 1520 (appx. €150) for every subsequent child.


For further information about the project and the position, please contact Prof. Charalampos Tzoulis, phone: +47 55 97 50 58; or +47 55 97 50 45 (Departmental office), e-mail: Charalampos.Tzoulis@uib.no


To apply, send your application and a CV with a complete list of education and previous work experience, to magnus.alvestad@helse-bergen.no. Make sure to include all relevant documentation (see complete list below). Also include at least two references at previous places of work that we can contact.

The application must include:

  • a brief letter of application stating your motivation for the position, why you are applying and why this position is perfect for you
  • an overview of your education and work experience (CV)
  • witnessed copies of diplomas and relevant certificates (applicants with education from other countries than Norway must enclose diplomas in both the original language and authorized translations)
  • track record including publications and academic work
  • two referees (name and contact information)

The applications with attachments are sent electronically to the expert committee.

Please note that the applications will be forwarded to a committee with the information and attachments uploaded in Jobbnorge at closing date.

Further information about our employment process can be found here.

Closing date for applications: 8th of March 2020


For further information about the project and the position, please contact Prof. Charalampos Tzoulis, phone: +47 55 97 50 58; or +47 55 97 50 45 (Departmental office), e-mail: Charalampos.Tzoulis@uib.no


Offer Requirements

    Computer science: Master Degree or equivalent
    Medical sciences: Master Degree or equivalent
    ENGLISH: Excellent

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